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Practice Areas

Litigation Attorneys in San Jose

Are you facing a complex business law dispute in San Jose? Do you have questions regarding real estate law in California? Do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey P. Widman as soon as possible to request a consultation.

To learn more about our various practice areas, click through to the pages listed below.

Areas of Practice: Real Estate & Business Litigation

Commercial Real Estate
Whether you are an owner, lender, tenant, or public agency dealing with a commercial real estate issue, contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey P. Widman for focused and proactive legal representation in commercial lease agreements, zoning issues, boundary disputes, land development, construction law matters, code enforcement, environmental law compliance issues, and more.

Residential Real Estate
Contact our firm to schedule a consultation with our San Jose real estate & business litigation attorney if you have questions about sales contracts, misrepresentation, escrow disputes, easements, boundary disputes, construction defects, evictions, arbitrations, mediations, title disputes, code enforcements, or another residential real estate issue.

Real Estate Mediation
In many cases, it is preferential to settle a case out of court instead of going through the long, drawn-out, and expensive process of real estate litigation. It is possible to negotiate settlements for many real estate disputes, including purchase contracts, deposit disputes, disclosure fraud matters, and disputes with a condominium or homeowner's association. Call to learn more.

Recent years have seen a steep increase in foreclosure rates. We can help you pursue an alternative to foreclosure, such as short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or negotiating directly with the lender. Contact our Bay Area foreclosure defense attorney to learn more about how we are prepared to help you protect your San Jose home.

Business Law
Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? Having a good lawyer on your side is essential. We can help you get your company started on the right foot, offering representation and counsel in matters such as dissolutions, partnerships, LLC formations, incorporations, commercial collections, unfair competition, municipal matters, and more.

Condominium Law
Attorney Jeffrey P. Widman can help you resolve issues related to condominium law in the state of California, including homeowner association disputes, noise and nuisance claims, directors' duties, assessment liens and foreclosures, enforcement of governing documents, landlord-tenant disputes, residential lease issues, and more.

Construction Law
We have been able to help contractors, sub-contractors, real estate developers, and homeowners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in areas such as mechanics liens, insurance coverage for property damage, surety issues, construction disputes, home improvement contracts, payment and collection matters, contract preparation, and more.

Litigation & Appeals
Many of our clients feel overwhelmed by the thought of a court case, but we want to reassure you and provide the tough defense and astute counsel you need. Although we always strive for an early settlement, sometimes this is not possible. If you go to court, you can rely on The Law Offices of Jeffrey P. Widman to protect your interests.

Internet Defamation
Our legal team regularly confronts new issues such as hacking, defamatory Internet content, and online copyright infringement - issues that attorneys in the past have never had to deal with. Located in San Jose, we firmly believe in the importance of staying current in order to help our business clients address the new situations they face. Even if the content is anonymous, we can help you fight back in order to protect your reputation and your career.

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Business law and real estate issues can be highly complex. It is important to have strong and effective legal defense on your side. Our San Jose real estate and business litigation lawyer is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely informed in this area of the law. Attorney Jeffrey P. Widman is AV® Rated Preeminent on Martindale-Hubbell®. Call The Law Offices of Jeffrey P. Widman today to request a consultation.

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